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Hi and welcome to ChasingCheckers! Here you can talk about Cup races, Busch races, Truck races, what drivers are doing in their off-days, post graphics, pretty much anything related to Nascar. There's just a few rules, so have a look at them before you join.

  • Be a fan of Nascar. Duh. :P
  • Be aware that there ARE more then one driver out there.
  • "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all" If someone says something about your driver, please do not start a war. The time will come when you're mad at a driver, so just let them vent.
  • Do not promote.
  • Do not personally bash members or drivers. This rule will be strictly followed. "I wish Rusty Wallace would just quit racing" is fine. "I wish Jeff Gordon would stop being a queer" is not fine.
  • I don't care if you swear, but please do so under a cut.
  • When you join introduce yourself by filling out the following:
    City, State/Province:
    Favorite Driver:
    Least Favorite Driver:
    How Did You Get Interested In Nascar?:
    Favorite Nascar Memory?:
    How Did You Hear About/Who Promoted You To chasingcheckers ?

  • Also, each week we will have a "Pick The Drivers" challenge in which each person will pick 5 drivers. Where the driver finishs will score you points. If the driver finishes 1st, you'll get 43 points. If he finishes last, you'll get 1, and so on. The people with the most points at the end of the week wins. I'll do this for Cup, Busch, and if anyone's interested, Trucks.