the silver tongued prince of the courtroom (ileana_48_24_9) wrote in chasingcheckers,
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Hey you guys...

Age:11 (Very young, I know)
City, State/Province: Seattle, WA
Favorite Driver:Jimmie Johnson, Kasey Kahne, Tony Stewart
Least Favorite Driver: Greg Biffle
How Did You Get Interested In Nascar?: I don't know, I think it partially was because my mom drives so flippin slow (Haha!)
Favorite Nascar Memory?: Don't really have one, but I'm going to my first race ever (Coca Cola 600) so I'm REALLY looking forward to that.
How Did You Hear About/Who Promoted You To chasingcheckers?: I was just crusin around and then I found this little nice place.

Nice to meet y'all!
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